Earn Extra Income By Turning Your Property Into a Rental


Earn Extra Income By Turning Your Property Into a Rental


If you are curious about making some extra income, interested in moving out of your current home into a different residence, or having difficulty selling your home, you may want to consider transitioning your home into a rental property. If you are interested in converting your current home into a rental property in Mount Pleasant,…

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What Are Closing Costs and How Are They Determined?

New Family Home

When you buy a home, there are several associated costs that a buyer is responsible for paying. If you are interested in purchasing a home, you will need to budget for the down payment, your monthly mortgage payment, as well as closing costs to finalize your home purchase or a mortgage refinance. If you are…

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The 2022 Conventional Loan Limit Increase

New Family Home

Are you ready to buy your own home, and trying to decide what financing option is the best for your situation? You may have heard about conforming loans during your research and that there are specific loan limits for different types of loans. You also may be wondering how that will impact the amount of…

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How Will My Mortgage Rate Be Calculated?


Are you ready to buy your own home, and trying to determine what the best financing solution is for you, and how your mortgage rate will be calculated? The mortgage rate you qualify for depends on several factors, some you have the ability to control, and others that you will be unable to control, and…

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Buying a Home When You Have Student Loans


Are you interested in buying a home, but are worried you may not be able to afford the purchase because you still owe money on student loan debt? Even though student loan debt significantly impacts your financial situation, you still may be able to become a homeowner. If you are looking to buy a home…

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Conventional Loans: A Great Mortgage Option


Are you interested in purchasing a home, and trying to determine the optimal financing option for your current situation? Conventional loans are an excellent mortgage option that have favorable terms and rates and are completely backed by private lenders. If you are looking into buying a home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and want to…

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Closing Costs: Finalizing the Purchase of Your Home


One of the final steps to owning your own home is paying for closing costs. Whether you are buying a home for the first time or refinancing an existing mortgage, you will be required to pay for closing costs in order to secure a loan and finalize the purchase. Closing costs consist of the fees…

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Using a VA Loan to Purchase Your First Home in South Carolina


Are you a United States veteran, or someone currently serving in the military and interested in purchasing your first home? The Department of Veterans Affairs, (or VA), offers home loans to those who have served or who are currently serving our nation in order to assist their purchase of a home. If you are a…

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What Types of Documents Are Needed When Buying a Home?


Buying a home involves several steps, and oftentimes, the process can seem overwhelming. When purchasing a home, having all of the required documentation organized and prepared ahead of time can help ease the stress of the process and help you be better prepared when it comes to finalizing the deal on your dream home. If…

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How Does Your Credit Score Affect Buying Your First Home?


When purchasing your first home, the interest rate that you get on your mortgage will impact the overall cost you will be required to pay throughout the life of your loan, and your credit score will directly affect the cost of your mortgage interest rates. The higher your credit score is, the better mortgage rate…

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