Relocation Checklist and Things to Look for When Purchasing a Home

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Home

Lucey Mortgage Corporation in Mount Pleasant, SC is standing by to answer all your questions when you plan to relocate and purchase a new home. We can help you with VA Loans, FHA Loans, Jumbo Loans, and more—we have an array of packages and rate structures. Mount Pleasant is a fast growing suburb with one of the top ranked Police Departments in the Country. Awards like this are one feature that many families look for when relocating to a new home. Today we would like to provide you with a home relocation checklist, which includes features to look for when purchasing a home.

Your Relocation Checklist

Relocating and purchasing a new home can seem like an overwhelming task, so the professional staff of Lucey Mortgage Corporation has put together a checklist that you can use when you start the process.

When moving from your old home:

__ Update and change addresses with all contacts and billing companies, and notify the post office.

__ Shut off and/or transfer all utilities.

__ Transfer school records, and get introduced to any local churches or clubs where you wish to become a member in your new neighborhood.

__ Get your medical, auto, and pet records in order.

__ Clean any rugs or drapes and get rid of or sell any items that you do not want.

__ Return anything borrowed that you do not want to move and arrange details for pets with the moving company.

__ During the sale of your old home, keep it organized and clean while showing.

Main things to focus on in buying the new home:

__ Check and inspect the general condition of the new home, including the electrical, outlets, foundation, cracks/water stains, sewer system, and appliances or heat/air systems.

__ Review how much storage and space you will need.

__ Review the local neighborhood schools, crime rate, traffic, amenities, culture, services, and traffic.

__ See how much lighting the home gets and whether it retains heat or cold.

__ Calculate the cost and plans for any serious renovations needed in the new home.

__ Review if you will need new furniture, rugs, or drapes to fit the new home.

__ Check the weather and review if you have adequate protection for your home during storms.

__ Understand the home insulation, TV/Internet/Cable hook-ups, water heater and utilities /garbage/water services.

__ Try to obtain the new home cost history and annual maintenance expenses, as well as costs for homeowners insurance and property taxes.

__ Check if the streets are safe and well lit, review trees and nearby plants that could overgrow or send roots around and under the home.

__ Review the current age and warranties on the flooring, paint, roof and other items.

__ Review protective covenants and mortgage availability. Prepare your financial documents and ensure you have good credit to apply for any new loans.

Lucey Mortgage Corporation in Mount Pleasant, SC is a reputable mortgage firm with a long history of helping buyers relocate to their new home. Contact us as soon as you start looking to relocate and purchase a new home.