Renovating and Staging a Home for Sale

If you are looking to sell your house and look for a new home, then talk to the professionals at Lucey Mortgage Corporation for your financing needs. We have helped many families relocate, as well as finance home renovations. You may need to do some renovations of the home that you wish to sell; we would like to give you some tips for staging a home and gaining value:

  • Focus on key rooms that will help sell your home: you do not need to spend a ton of time and money on every room. Research your potential buyer market and focus on the rooms that will make the most difference. Many buyers will focus on the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room.
  • Simplify your home: a clean and uncluttered home is key to helping influence buyer decisions. In addition, clearing out space can help make your home look bigger than it actually is!
  • Deep clean your home and try and repaint and redecorate with simple, neutral colors. A sparkling clean home may look more valuable.
  • Focus on the front and curbsides of the home: ensure the lawn and entryways are tasteful—first impressions are everything.
  • Get rid of drab drapes: a brightly lit home will feel more inviting.
  • Keep refreshing your cleaning: ensure you take out trash, and dust frequently during the period when people may come by to view the home.

Renovating Your Home and Moving

You may feel like your home is too run down, and you desire to move. However, you will wonder if it is more affordable to renovate and stay. A good place to start is by making a list of renovations needed, and then talking to a real estate agent to help you narrow down on what will get more value for your home. Once you start with the agent, it is wise to get a home appraisal. Talented agents, like the dedicated staff at Lucey Mortgage Corporation, can also help you look for the new home you wish to buy.

Saying Goodbye and Moving to Your New Home

As you stage your home, begin to get rid of older furniture and items, this will help you have an easier time moving into the new home and saying goodbye. Looking at what you want to change in the old home will also help you see what matters most in a new home. In addition to having an inspection done on your future home, make a list and note which features you really value in a new house.

Whether you are renovating and staying, or buying the new home, Lucey Mortgage Corporation in Mount Pleasant, SC is a reputable mortgage firm with a long history of helping homeowners. Contact us as soon as you start looking to buy a new home.